Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Yay! Good news for the english speaking followers!

Big news for my English speaking followers! I finally got my whole blog translated! Yaaay! I am so sorry it took me that long to translate all the different pages. But today I was able to get it done *celebrate*

As you already noticed I am publishing my blog posts in English and German (except for the last one regarding my lost address book :-/). Writing bi-lingual blog posts is a good exercise for me and a little thank you to all my American friends that helped me and supported my crafting over the years.

So what's new? I translated the "Über mich" section of my blog. This tells you something about me; where I am from, what I like doing, etc.

The other part of my blog "charity 3einhalb" talks about different organizations I support and projects I am participating. Being kind and help people in need or simply share handmade kindness is a really important part of me as a person. I love sending little, unexpected gifts to friends and spreading kindness e.g. by donating things - even my hair ;-)

So I really encourage you to check out my translated pages and I hope you stay tuned for further blogposts.

Thank you a lot for stopping by!
And thank you, Mallory, for helping me out when I got "lost in translation" :-)

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